Monday, May 9, 2011

LeFemme Blushes

I can not even explain how long I wanted to try out these blushes. I have heard wonderful things about them from fellow bloggers and also youtubers. First, I want to tell you the cons of purchasing these blushes from MakeupMania. The processing time to process your order is kind of ridiculous, it takes over a week and then they do not send you a email to notify you of the products that are currently out of stock. After growing impatient, I called the company to find out what was really going on and was notified that a lot of the blushes I purchased was out of stock. The company was waiting to get a new shipment in but even after the new shipment, I am still out of two blushes. Its okay to be out of stock but not to be notified of what is really going on is not okay, you literally have to call the company to find out. The good thing out of this situation is that, when the blushes are back in stock, they will send them to me free of charge (meaning that I don't have to pay for shipping). I ordered on April 20th and received my package on May 9th, just to explain the wait time.

Now onto the wonderful blushes, which speak for themselves. They are THEBOMB.COM LOL! Highly pigmented, incredibly smooth, and CHEAP. These blushes were $2.50 each, no there isn't a typo. For the price and the quality, they are BETTER than MAC. I have two MAC blushes and the pigmentation is better than the ones I already have. You can quote me on that. lol

The pictures does not do these blushes justice. To be warned, the shimmery ones are soft. When I was swatching them I didn't realize that and digged into two of the blushes by mistake. lol The matte ones needed a little more pressure because they are matte. I also purchased a empty 12 blush palette from another company called Aveyou. The palette cost $14.00 but the shipping is $5.00. The package came really quick and they threw in some sample products, coupons and a Aveyou bag. Aveyou is a really good company. Now here are the pictures.....

Top (from left to right): Terracotta, Dusty Rose, Cinnabar, Orange
Bottom (from left to right): Coral, Mandarin Red, Magenta, Mauve Sparkle

Matte Shades: Coral, Orange, Magenta
Shimmery Shades: Terracotta, Dusty Rose, Cinnabar, Mandarin Red, Mauve Sparkle

From left to right: Coral, Terracotta,  Mandarin Red, Dusty Rose, Cinnabar, Magenta, Orange, Mauve Sparkle

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revlon Siren Lipstick

I have been eyeing this lipstick for a while but every time I go to my local drugstore, it's sold out. This time I happened to go to RiteAid and it was in stock. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren is a vibrant orange that has a red undertone and is also a creme finish. Compared to my other orange lipsticks, it isn't as orange as I hoped it would be. When I applied it straight onto my lips, the color didn't quite transfer, which indicated that my lip pigmentation was too dark for the lipstick. But the next time I apply it, I figured I would just mute out my lip color with a little bit of concealer and then apply the lipstick. I hope that works, if not I will have to give it to my sister. 

Revlon Siren/ NYX  LSS507 / MAC Thrills