Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wet n Wild

I went Wet n Wild crazy at Rite Aid this week for their BOGO sale. It wasn't the sale that made me go crazy but it was the fact that there was new products that came out. If you are familiar with the holiday collection last year, then you will already know these products but it looks like they are now part of the permanent line. These eyeshadows are super pigmented and super soft. My I'm Getting Sunburned palette broke once I got home, so be careful. 

Also Wet n Wild came out with new pencil liners which are called Shimmer Eye Pencils and glitters which are called Mega Sparkle Confetti. The liners are super pigmented and soft. 

Eyeliner: Purple
Eyeliner: Amethyst
Shimmer Eye Pencil: Silver
Shimmer Eye Pencil: Copper
Shimmer Eye Pencil: Blue

White Icing

 Lilac Frosting

Pink Sugar

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