Monday, March 19, 2012

Braid it once, braid it twice

For a while now the hair trends have been forever changing from long loose curls, to short bobs, and from high buns to now braids. It can start from one side of the head and finish on the other. Or the braid can do a complete circle around head. Going from a simple French braid to intricate fish tail braids. Braiding is nothing new but with many celebrities doing some of these hair styles, they are becoming popular again. Seeing a lot of pictures in magazines and online, makes me wonder if you have been joining the craze.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring anyone?

Spring is right around the corner but for some of us, spring has graced her presence early. I know everyone has seen the colorful skinny jeans that's out and they are allowing us to dress in all different colors without looking crazy. The brightness and the vibrancy of the colors in the color forcast has made me extremely happy, since I'm a person who LOVES color.
But besides the bright colors, I have been loving the look of just black and white. The dresses and the accessories that are coming out has me in heaven. The dress with the black lace around the collar and chest, I own. It fits perfectly. But with these two bland colors, you can always pair it with a solid color shoe and clutch or bag. My question to you is, how will you be dressing this spring?

Where have I been??

I have been gone for way too long. In the beginning I was uninspired to write anything and then my laptop permanently died on me. All this time I have found and fell in love with new products, clothing, and another website called pinterest. If you haven't checked it out yet, I advise you do. It's an easy way to share your ideas and inspiration boards for yourself and others. You can follow me at or click the button at the bottom. I have also been traveling. I went to California in December as well as Las Vegas. Both places were super fun. While in Vegas, we visited Hoover Dam and the view was amazing! Also I went to the gun range, which my bestie arranged and went to the pier in Calif. I can't show you all the pictures because I don't have a computer yet but I can show you pictures that I have saved on my phone. Follow Me on Pinterest