Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hard Candy Cosmetics

During my last visit to Walmart last weekend, I had to venture down the cosmetics aisle to see if they had restocked their shelves. It seems as if my Walmart is always out of some or everything is out of order but in any case I found some goodies while there. I have been hearing about Hard Candy So Baked bronzers for a while and I finally found them. Even though they are called bronzers, they are far too light for my dark complexion. So what I will be using them for, is highlighters. The one that I researched that would suit my skintone the best would be Tropics. Its a not overly bronzey tan color with bronze veining. When swatched, it gives off this nicely bronze glow without looking like a disco ball.

Lastly I saw this eyeshadow called Supernova that reminded me soo much of the MAC Young Punk, which was limited edition. Don't you hate when MAC comes out with a collection and then once sold out, it disappears. SMH! However, Supernova can be your alternative. When photographed it looks almost identical but in the pan you can see that Supernova has a deep purple color rather than a pinkie/purple flexes of glitter and no white veining. I am absolutely impressed with this line and will be making more purchases,as soon as I decide what else I want.

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