Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revlon Siren Lipstick

I have been eyeing this lipstick for a while but every time I go to my local drugstore, it's sold out. This time I happened to go to RiteAid and it was in stock. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren is a vibrant orange that has a red undertone and is also a creme finish. Compared to my other orange lipsticks, it isn't as orange as I hoped it would be. When I applied it straight onto my lips, the color didn't quite transfer, which indicated that my lip pigmentation was too dark for the lipstick. But the next time I apply it, I figured I would just mute out my lip color with a little bit of concealer and then apply the lipstick. I hope that works, if not I will have to give it to my sister. 

Revlon Siren/ NYX  LSS507 / MAC Thrills

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  1. i've been hearing so much about siren i've gotta check that one out